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3M  VIKUITI Privacy Screens


Australian touch systems offers fully integrated 3M privacy filters for all  our desktop range. The unique microlouver technology allows users to view on-screen information clearly whilst blocking out viewing from either side of the display.




- 3M Privacy Filters fade to black starting at the 30-degree side angle

- Effective blackout privacy from side views outside the 60 degree viewing angle

- Maintains Incredible image clarity

- Anti Glare Coating

- Reduces 35% of blue light transmission from the display




- Medical and other private open areas

- Health care & medical kiosks

- Testing stations, ie RTA, Vicroads & Secondary / Tertiary Education

- Laptop privacy in public spaces, airports, trains.


Privacy Sizes


3M Privacy screens are available in the following desktop sizes: (both wide and 4:3 aspect ratios)

15" , 17" 18.5", 19", 20", 21" 21.5" 22", 23" & 24"