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All in One Touch PC

Australian Touch Systems offers a broad range of fully integrated "All In One" touch PC's ranging from 15" desktops to 75" large format displays.

There is a selection of computer modules ranging from the i3 / i5 / i7 Intel Core that provides the necessary power and performance required in most graphics and digital signage applications. With the seamless docking integration of the module, there is no requirement of external cables.



ViewTouch All In One Touch PC


DESKTOP INTEL i3 / i5   


ViewTouch 15.0", VT-BCT150

ViewTouch 15.6" ,VT-BCT156

ViewTouch 17.0", VT-BCT170

ViewTouch 18.5", VT-BCT185

ViewTouch 19.0", VT-BCT190

ViewTouch 21.5", VT-BCT215

ViewTouch 23.6", VT-BCT236

ViewTouch 27.0", VT-BCT270






ViewTouch 32.0", VT-BCT320

ViewTouch 43.0", VT-BCT430

ViewTouch 49.0", VT-BCT490

ViewTouch 55.0", VT-BCT550

ViewTouch 65.0", VT-BCT650



ELO All In One Touch PC



ELO 15.0",  X-15 (Intel Celeron /i3 /i5 /i7)

ELO 17.0",  X-17 (Intel Celeron /i3 /i5 /i7)

ELO 20.0",  X-20 (Intel Celeron /i3 /i5 /i7)

ELO 15.0", 15E3 (Intel BayTrail J1900,2Ghz)

ELO 15.6", 15E2 (Intel BayTrail j1900,2Ghz)

ELO 15.6", I Series 15 (Android / Intel Celeron / i5, 2.3Ghz  )

ELO 22.0", I Series 22 (Android / Intel Celeron / i5, 2.3Ghz  )





ELO 32.0", 3202L

ELO 42.0", 4202L

ELO 46.0", 4602L

ELO 55.0", 5502L

ELO 55.0", 5501L


NEC All In One Touch PC

LARGE FORMAT INTEL Celeron Dual / i5 x Dual


Celeron 2 x 1.58GHz "Bay Trail"

Intel i5 2 x 2.7 GHz "Haswell"


The Slot-In PC is a complete PC solution, compatible with all NEC Large Format Displays featuring the OPS Slot.


(Please refer to our NEC display specification data sheets for applicable models)